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Glebe Farm 3G, Milton Keynes (Monday's term time only)

Monday 7pm - 8pm

3G Pitch at Glebe Farm School
Burney Drive, Glebe Farm, Milton Keynes, MK17 8FS

Under 10's - 12 spaces

Under 12's - 12 spaces

Under 14's - 12 spaces

Under 16's - 12 spaces

Please wear shin pads, astro trainers or boots - no metal studs allowed, please bring a drink..



"Monday Match Play Fun, positive, inclusive! 1 hour of 5 a side or 6 a side match play on a 3G Pitch, where decision making and reactions are key to success. Our coaches let

players play and enjoy; our coaches encourage from the sides, we ask that parents do the same.

This hour is for them to work on themselves and figure it out! All week they are told what to do and where to go - this is the players time to be in charge and make things happen!


Monday 7pm - 8pm

3G Pitch at Glebe Farm School, Burney Drive, Glebe Farm, Milton Keynes, MK17 8FS

Please wear astro trainers or boots with plastic studs and shin pads (no football metal studs allowed)

Spring term 2 (2024)

Monday 18th - 25th March 2024

Price: FREE for 2 week course (usual price £5 per week)

Milton Keynes

TFG's Professional Ambassadors..

Steve Morison (left)


Clubs: Wales, Leeds United, Norwich City, Milwall, Northampton Town.

"The TFG training programme is looking at football coaching in a completely different light; it is very forward thinking with how it develops and educates each player - it's a very exciting model."

Luke Chambers (right)


Clubs: Ipswich Town, Nottingham Forest, Northampton Town.

"The TFG training model gives a refreshing outlook on how young players should be developed - the TFG sylllabus aims to develop complete players which is in a positive fun environment."

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