'TFG ALL STARS' a UKCA Cheerleading Academy for children.

Where: Gilbert Inglefield Academy, Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 3FU (School hall at main school reception)



Mon 6 June - 18 July 2022 

Tiny & Mini Cheer – 4.55pm till 5.55pm (Ages 4-9) £38.50

Open Tumble – 6pm-7pm ( All ages) £33 (not on 4/7)

Junior A – 6pm-7.30pm (Ages 11-16) £42

Wed 8 June - 20 July 2022

Youth - 4.55pm - 5.55pm (Ages 9-11) £38.50

Open Tumble – 6pm-7pm ( All ages)  £38.50

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Cheerleading is a unique athletic discipline, which incorporates, Cheers, Chants, Cheer Arm motions, Cheer Jumps, Stunts, Tumbling and Dance. Also opportunity for Street Cheer which is exclusive to the UKCA.

What to wear and bring

- T-shirts/polo shirts- shorts/trousers/leggings/gym skirts (PE KIT IS IDEAL)

- Pumps or Trainers

- It is not necessary to purchase regulation Dance or Cheer    Uniform immediately

- A drink/ Water or Squash

New joiners

For more information please contact our Cheer Instructor Kealey Gavillet who runs the classes. kealey@thefuturegames.com